Seven Generations Winery is located in North-East Bulgaria, 30km west from Ruse city, on the outskirts of village Mechka, set among rolling hills. It is established 2008 year by Lyuben Rabchev, a very ambitious bulgarian, who is 5th generation of family winemakers. After he spent many years in USA, he came back to his roots in Bulgaria, to regenerate and continue the family traditions. In this region we have the perfect teroar for growing grapes of three main types Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot, of which we make amazing red wines and rose. Soon we will offer and white wine Muscat. We have 200 dka vineyards, of which with great attention, love and perfection, we produce high level wines, in limited editions. The wine is separated in the barrels by grape variety and wine arrays. Here by the Danube river is like small oasis, the climate is very favorable, and this makes the grapes to have enough sugar and rich flavours. The vines are in great physiological condition and perfectly treated, because in Mechka village everything is so close, that we can easy control the production process. The wines age in French oak barrels.
Our concept is to extract the most from what the nature gives us. The results are amazing natural wines, rich of aromas and flavours, reserving maximum of their natural ingredients.

In 1878 young man – Ilia Rabchev lives his birthplace village Byala Cherkva in Bulgaria and goes to France to study winemaking. Four years later he returned to his family and established Rabchev Cellars. Everybody worked hard and soon the winery became the greatest producer in the region, exporting wine and spirits for Germany.
In 1968 Lyuben Rabchev (fifth generation winemaker) left Bulgaria and immigrated in USA where he met his American dream. With hard work and ambitions he became a successful businessman. After 40 years he returned to his roots and established Seven Generations Winery. His children are the sixth generation, and his grandchildren are the seventh generation….

The Chief winemaker

The chief winemaker is Anton Yordanov – young and ambitious specialist.
The wines are produced in two lines: World Class with label – an old picture of trading wine from the old cellar of Ilia Rabchev. The line Artistica has label with Velimir Rabchev’s paintings – a sign of nostalgy.

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