Sightseeings around us

Tour around the halls of the mysterious cave “Orlova chuka” - The village of Pepelina

The cave was found in 1941 by a shepherd who was shepherding his flock in the region. Its name comes from the rock crown which stands above its entrance. The Orlova Chuka is the habitat of the bat species Rhinolophus ferrumequinum, Rhinolophus Hipposideros and Myotis blythii. In the galleries lives the bat species Chiroptera which is unique for Europe.

Back to the past at “The medieval fortified town of Cherven - The village of Cherven

The town is heir of a Byzantine fortress of the 6th century and it reached its greatest progress in the 14th century. Cherven was one of the largest military and administrative, economic and cleric cultural centers of the Second Bulgarian Empire (12th – 14th century) and an important stop along the roads from Danube river to the internal part of the country, and as of 1235 it had become a headquarters of the Cherven Bishop’s Residence.

Tour around the Basarbovski Monastery is the only one active rock monastery in Bulgaria - The village of Basarbovo

Basarbovo Rock Monastery was established during the period of the second Bulgarian kingdom. The most famous resident of the monastery was St. Dimitrii Basarbovski. He was born in 1685 in the nearby village of Basarbovo, but he has spent whole his life in the monastery. St. Dimitrii Basarbovski is now the patron of Bucharest.